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50 States Day 73


Day 73, Hope, ND to Bemidji, MN   198 miles


"Happiness is not something readymade.  It comes from your own actions."

~Dalai Lama


I'm not sure if it's the Midwest or being Norwegians, but Anders and Margaret

Rose treated us like royalty. They rolled out the red carpet.

Last night I told Rose how attractive living on a farm looked to me. She said, "There's nothing here." I know I looked at her like I thought I misunderstood her and she repeated, "There is nothing here. Yet when people come here, they are attracted to the lifestyle." Perhaps it's the absence of all the crap that makes it appealing. When they go to town, they know everyone. Rose's grandfather farmed out of the same house, so their roots run deep.

After treating us to breakfast at the local cafe, they took us to SteveVolla's farm for a classic car treat, and Rose took Sherri to a quilt store.Doesn't get any better than that.

We hauled out of town in the MotoBago at 1 p.m., a stupid time to beat the heat.

It was worth it.

The mercury never crossed the 88 mark so travel proved to be remarkably

comfortable. North Dakota gave way to Minnesota as we crossed the Red River.

For a few dozen miles, the terrain looked the same then eased into forested with dots of small lakes interrupting the greenery. Funny, I spotted a few businesses closed down and 'For Rent' signs in the towns we passed. Never saw that in No Dak!

We found the (PP!) KOA campground easily and registered, spending considerable time talking to Charlie, who works there in their WorkCampprogram. He and his wife sold or gave away everything, bought a fifth wheel and towing unit, and work/camp (hence the name) at KOAs for...some money and free lodging. Their expenses amount to food and insurance, with smatterings of other costs.


Since we got a late start, we once again enjoyed a late stop. Set up camp, get dinner, blog, journal, check e-mails and take care of some business, and off to bed. Tomorrow we'll leave the tent set up and do day tripping and return to the same place. Should be a bit simpler. Funny the simple life looks attractive when we're living as minimalist as ever in our life.

For a special treat, enjoy the previous blog where we toured Steve Volla'sfarm, but it wasn't the farm that was such fun, it was the cars.



06Winger said...

Ah, "Bemidji" or however you pronounce it! Nice to meet you two. Going to enjoy following your blog, and doing some catch-up reading! Safe travels! Ron

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Nice to meet you Ron. Enjoy your trip back to Canada, eh?