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50 States Day 68

Day 68 Pierre SD   A few miles
"Never live in the past but always learn from it."
Sometimes you must take care of business and today was just that. I dropped the trailer at a tire store (next door, how nice!) and took the scooter to (PP!) Peterson Harley Davidson and Honda (although Honda looks to be a token gesture!), who hooked us up. They got right on it and the GW was back on its game in a few hours. We rode around town to find a store with a PC and printer, like (PP!) FedEx Kinko's, as we received email documents that needed to be printed and mailed. No luck. We landed at a local mail and copy store with Bob, who has a computer that's hooked up to a printer, but he'd never done anything like that, so what if we went somewhere and gave his computer a virus? After some friendly reassurances that we would just open email and print a few sheets, he agreed. He hovered over us as we worked at his desk. Charged us three dollars and change for his services.
QG did a few loads of laundry and I took a trip to the barber and got my money's worth. #2 all over. No more Unabomber look, for a few months anyway.

We also visited the Capitol, and it gets numerous awards! First, the award for
Letting Us Go In the Front Door. Yes, most capitol buildings have the peasants go in another entrance, either the side or below the steps. Of the people, by the people, for the people. Good job, Pierre!
Second, the Pierre Capitol wins the award for No Security. That's right, no guard at the entrance. No screening, no strip searches, nothing. Meaning they don't need them. Very cool, Pierre!
Third, a beautiful building. Not only pretty, but I would say the best maintained. Excellent.
Apparently there was a huge fight over which city got to be the Capitol, and after many skirmishes, Pierre won, mostly with, 'We're closest to the middle of the state.' A very nice tour of a surprisingly winning capitol. Not the biggest, but possibly the best. 

Since we're down, time for questions and answers for the 50 States riders. Raise your hands and wait to be called on. You there.
Q: Are you stupid doing this 50 State thing?
A: Next question.
Q: You and QG spend quite a bit of time together. Are you getting along?
A: We have had our moments. We're not the bickering type, but sometimes just get on each other's nerves. We get away for short periods.
Q: What’s the best thing you've seen?
A: (Kevin): The run between Glenallen and Valdez, Alaska. Phenomenal landscapes with huge waterfalls, lush foliage and greenery everywhere.
(QG): I-90 in Idaho was amazing. Idaho is the most underrated state for beauty.
Q: It’s been over two months. Are you getting tired of the road?
A: Some days get a bit old, and more for Quilter Girl, but we usually ride around 200 miles, try to get in at a reasonable hour, and take Sundays off. Makes a difference.
Q: What’s the most surprising thing about the trip?
A: We knew we'd get tired or discouraged after awhile, but we really got down after the crash on I-70 outside Denver on Day 13. Short of two weeks and we're wondering about the trip! Yet it's been better ever since.
Q: What do you miss the most about home?
A: Bathrooms inside the house. Air conditioning. Okay, that's two.
Q: What life lesson have you learned?
A:That you can be just as happy at home as on the road, or just as miserable. It doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing, you are the one with the attitude, whether good or bad.
Q: Do you hate your iPad as bad as it sounds?
A: Oh, no. Of course not. Hate is such a terrible word. Despise. And much, much worse.
Tomorrow we hit the road, hopefully early, and head out to Bismarck, North
Dakota. Maybe we can get there before the rains.
The next day I'm going solo to Dickinson, North Dakota to see what all the
hoopla is about there. It's an oil boom city, so we'll see what's going on-
should be fun.

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