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50 States Day 79

Day 79, Standing Down in Brandon, MN    0 Miles
"Faith is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in
spite of changing moods."
~C.S. Lewis
We found three reasons to stay at the Rowe's today; we didn't get a stand down day yesterday, the mercury was scheduled to climb to 100, and we loved the place. Okay, mostly the third reason, and not just the place, either. Staying with Keith, Pam and the family felt like family...well, felt like the good part of family anyway.

Today I would repack the trailer, clean the bike and reset the suspension. One out of three ain't bad! And setting the suspension, even with studying the manual, took around ten minutes.
Jet skiing, swimming, hanging and going out to lunch took all our time. Quilter Girl broke Ethyl out and sewed like a maniac. More from her later.
I have owned jet skis before and Keith's Sea Doo performed exactly as expected. Riding almost alone on their lake was a real treat. But then...
Keith borrowed the neighbor's Sea Doo 155 Wave.

Oh, my.
It comes with two keys; one for the rookies and one for the riders. I chose the latter. The left button takes you from standard ride to sport ride. I chose the latter.
First, it attempts to rip your arms out of your sockets during launch. Truly
wonderful. Next, it carves turns through the water, throwing a rooster-tail
fifteen feet into the air and twenty feet out of the turn. Finally, at speed,
you can throw it sideways with confidence. Hold on tight. The thing rips-top
speed of 58, and has a fun factor of ten. They call it the Ferrari. Cruise
control on a jet ski? Yep. Helps tow skiers with better control. The dashboard
even displays a compass. Shoot, the thing even tows skiers. Plural. I returned the ski and thanked them profusely, unable to stop grinning.
Today worked out perfectly, a day to relax and rest, avoid Mr. Sun, who experts claim will not harm us tomorrow.
So we will head out on the highway, looking for adventure in the twin cities.
And now, Quilter Girl!
It was a great day to be inside!  We had some great caramel and cinnamon rolls for breakfast that Keith raced out and got before they were all gone.  They were worth the trouble as the couple bites I had were wonderful.  
Ethel came out to play and we had a great time, sewing up a storm.  I got two
rows finished and on the quilt.  Colleen, your quilt is on the way and I am
really liking it!


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