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Church Surch, Week 8

Church Surch Week 8

Basin Bible Church wins all kinds of awards this week. First, it wins most 
friendly. I met the entire congregation! Gwen, Al, Jeanette and Doc. Second, it wins the smallest. How does a micro church work? Being from a church that seats around six thousand a weekend, I looked forward to this. 
First, they provide a complete bulletin, with the weekly services on the front, the order of service, inside, and room for note taking on the back.
After meeting everyone except Doc (he sat at the keyboard and ignored me- more on that later) we commenced with a Bible reading, very appropriate for a Bible church. Psalm 1.
Next, worship from the red book, led by Jeanette with more current songs- that is, rather more current. 'He Will Make Me Glad' and 'Rejoice In The Lord Always' both took me back to the seventies, and 'Be Exalted O God'-what a wonderful song of worship-from the eighties.
Then we recited the Lord's Prayer. I have wondered if our youth are losing this prayer.
Speaking of that, where is the youth in this church? Where is everyone for that matter?
Al took over with announcements-much different than our church.
"The salmon are running and we caught some, so we smoked them. Got some in the back." Being the congregation was four of us, we could banter with the speaker too. Everyone acknowledged the guest, and prayer and praises were reported.
Next we sang 3 songs out of the green book, including 'Happiness Is The Lord.'
"Real joy is mine, no matter if the teardrops start,
I've found the secret, it's Jesus in my heart hallelujah."
That song stuck with me for many miles.
The offering took about twelve seconds.
Doc got up from behind the keyboard, brought copious notes and read from them. 
His announced his title, 'Happiness/Joy 1-Confession' and did just that.
He talked about his struggle with Asperger's Syndrome, depression and social 
struggles. His sermon must have taken hours to prepare, as he cited over a dozen authors, quotes, Bible verses and books. 
I sat in stunned amazement as this man imparted his wisdom to this small group and was fortunate enough to hear him myself. Doc gave me a gift of honesty and deep thought and I felt unworthy. He spent hours preparing this homily for a handful of people. 
Some symptoms of Asperger’s are depression and social ineptitude. Many brilliant people suffer from this disease, and Doc was one of them.
We read the benediction from inside the green book cover and the service ended. 
I stood and looked forward to seeing Doc and thanking him for his wonderful gift this morning.
Doc picked up his things and walked out of the building without addressing 
Jeanette shrugged and said, "Asperger's." It's the cross he-and us too, really-must bear.
Afterward we talked for quite awhile and Jeanette gave me a fillet of smoked 
salmon. I ate a bit and saved the rest for lunch.
Al explained that the church lost their pastor, who served for thirty years. After his passing, people just left. Apparently they were following a man, not the doctrine of the church or the Lord. Now they must rebuild. Besides there are five churches in this little village.
Everyone was most friendly and invited me to Thursday night's service, but I'll be flying back to Seattle.
I climbed on the bike and took off; bearing the gift that Doc worked so much for me, and the gift of friendship from strangers too. 
Would I work that hard to speak to a group of four friends?
I hoped I would.


Mel Nason said...

I love the picture of your bike in the parking lot by itself... no need for parking attendants here!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yeah, they don't get valet parking until they get seven people or more.