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Church Surch, Friendship Alliance Church

Church Surch, Week 9

By the time I got the bike parked and gear off, Pastor Mike stood on the deck 
and greeted Sherri. Score one for Friendship Alliance Church! And-spoiler 
alert-they win the friendliest church yet. They had better with a name like 
People greeted us left and right as we entered the church: Mike, Mary Lou, Mary Chris...
The building is log and rustic, with modern carpeting and they are connected! is their website, they have a Facebook presence (although they 
admitted it was rather lame), they run a radio station (KFAC 1610/1700 AM), and if you'd like a CD of last week's service, they can hook you up. Al ran the Power Point and did a great job. No live music, but sing along with the 
computer. The songs were mostly modern with one traditional and certainly helped us connect with the Lord.
Mike and his wife Mary Lou both pastor the church, as Mike did the service and Mary Lou led the singing and preached. She talked about faith and used Hebrews 11 for her scripture. Their mission is to find the lost and feed the found. Very cool!

And a first! Pastor Mike puts his cell number on the bulletin. Brave man.  
Around forty people attended, and this church is close knit. Pastor Mike 
struggled to get people to settle down to start the service, and afterwards 
people stayed around for food and fellowship. So many people engaged us that I wondered if we could get out of there, yet what's the hurry? 
We left and discussed it, and we could fit in a church like that.
Great church Friendship Alliance Church, and God bless you.

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