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50 States Day 60

Day 60, Kalispell through Glacier National Park to St. Mary's, Montana, 89 

"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."
~Ferdinand Foch

We didn't ride far, but what viewpoints! The fresh rain (grr.) kept the trees 
green and the rivers full. The ranger informed us that Logan Pass was closed due to snow and ice. At the risk of sounding like a whiner, isn't this supposed to be summer? 
It was impossible to ride any distance. Waterfalls, gray from snow runoff, 
crashed through rock canyons. The mountains towered into the sky, disappearing into the clouds. Creeks like white silly string wiggled down cliffs and hillsides to feed bigger rivers. And lakes, fed with water that hours ago was part of a glacier, appeared mint green with whitecaps breaking up the surface. 
We spent a good deal of time gawking.
The weather began with daunting clouds and wet streets. It hung over us for 
hours, and worsened as we gained elevation. And true to form, temperatures 
dropped as we climbed toward Logan Pass, which opened around noon. A snowplow 
trundled down the hill, finished with his job of clearing the highway. By the 
summit, we got chilled as wind whipped off the fresh snow. Going down the lee 
side sounded like a good option.
As we descended, the temperatures climbed and clouds broke up, but the wind 
picked up until the St. Mary Visitor Center, where the flags stood straight out and snapped from the forces. It feels like the forces of nature are against us!
We touched down at a KOA and booked a cabin due to the wind. Sometimes I wonder why we drag this pop top around, but certainly the weather will improve. It is after all summer, right? Right? Friends and family in Las Vegas are probably screaming, "Enjoy it! It's a hundred plus here!"  
I like KOA and have had great and wonderful experiences at them. But $91 a night for a cabin? Seems pretty pricey to Mr. Cheap. A couple beds and a heater. Oh, but I like the heater today. 
We met so many interesting people today. One couple traveled in a pickup and 
camper and towed their bike. Another bunch we met, six bikes and a chase car, 
were going to Alaska. Two people from Canada were touring and it sounded like a frantic trip. But everyone was friendly and nice. 
Tomorrow we head south for Helena. And thanks to Mel Nason for Montana advice. 
He grew up there and knows his way around. 
If you have any insights on good trips, just post it in the comments. North 
Dakota will be our next state.


Mel Nason said...

You mentioned that the clouds "broke up". For your sake, I hope they don't fix them anytime soon! :)

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

You misunderstood. They broke up. She went to Helena to stay with her cloud family, and he's hanging out at a bar. Sad, really.

Mel Nason said...

Oh, get out... are you cirrus?

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I'm telling it to you stratus. You must have been in a fog.

Pam said...

Bad Lands....gotta see it! (but seriously, you still have so much of Montana left to see.....
When I was young, the antelope used to race along side of our car when we drove through the empty roads of Montana. Enjoy !!!!!

Mel Nason said...

Well hail, Kevin... now I feel like an nimbuscile! Whaddya say we make like rain and drop the subject?

Bryce Clutts said...

Kevin, Bryce Clutts here. Your journey is so inspiring. I have been following from the beginning and you are defining what it means to live a "Purpose Driven Life". Going to Alaska as a result in 3 weeks. God Bless you and Quilter Girl

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Bryce, every time I see wildlife, I think of you. However, you would have spotted ten times more than me! Enjoy Alaska, it truly has been the best part of the trip so far. But we haven't been to North Dakota yet, so who knows?