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50 States Day 44

Day 44, Snoqualmie to San Juan Island   119 Miles

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.  Now put a foundation under them."
~Henry David Thoreau

We thought long and hard about where to visit in Washington State, as we had been about everywhere. Finally, we settled on San Juan Island. An island and ferry ride would be different and fun, not only for us but for you too.
We rode from Snoqualmie to Monroe, then West and North and up Highway 9 to Sedro Woolley, finally 20 West to Anacortes, the dock for the San Juan Island Ferry.
Riding through green forest, I commented, "There is no dirt here. Anywhere dirt would be, something is growing." Trees tower on either side, shrubs prosper below and grass does too. Every square inch, right up to the pavement. In the distance, the Cascade Mountains make occasional appearances between the trees.
Washington is the Evergreen State and a green one too. So when we paid our toll, they directed our 'green' motorcycle to the front of the line. Oh, yeah!
The ferry glided through the water between green islands covered with... you guessed it, evergreen trees. They covered the land like a spiked hairdo.
The ferry eased into the dock and met it ever so gently and we unloaded. Its four P.M., and a long time since breakfast, so we found a restaurant and got a patio view of the ferry we just departed, still unloading. Cool! 
Downriggers Restaurant sits on the edge of the water with a view of the ferry dock, the harbor, and the other islands. Yours truly ate crab macaroni and QG enjoyed fish 'n chips, the closest she'll get to a fish in any capacity. The service was mediocre, (that is, perfect), as we took our time, sat on the patio and watched the seafaring take place.
Friday Harbor pulls it off. Pay attention, Durango! It's not snotty (not too much, anyway) and does harbor town well because it is! Durango needs cowboys to ride into town on their horses. Like that's going to happen. But boats come and go; sailing, motorboats, yachts, whale watchers and kayaks. Seems like everyone's floating.
I must mention the weather as I have complained so bitterly. Today's weather was...perfect. 
Low 70s, sun, clear sky and calm. When it is sunny in the Seattle area, you can't beat it.
We rolled in late (becoming normal) and settled in to a ridiculously overpriced campground. Try $64 a night. However it is on two lakes, has a wonderful lodge and forest setting. But limited wifi. No. Way.


Mel Nason said...

Crab macaroni? I'll have to try it sometime! I have a friend that went to their Seafood Disco many years ago... he pulled a mussel!

Pam said...

I LOVE the ferry through the San beautiful and peaceful
and Friday Harbor..... ahhhhhhh!
Thanks for sharing photos and bringing back memories....I saw my first Orca with baby at a campground inlet there. memories....

Tim Rockstar said...

Be careful, its a trick seattle plays on people... When they visit the weather is great and people think ooh its so nice here I would love to live here! And it is never sunny for them again.

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Yes, Seattle returned to it's old ways today!