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50 States Day 37

Day 37 Lava Hot Springs to Stanley, ID

"Talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do, well."
~Henry Longfellow

What a day of contrasts. We left Lava Hot Springs, a destination resort that mixes nature with development well.
Before long we streaked (well, 59 miles per hour) across the desert. A sign informed me were rode through the Great Basin Desert. The same desert as Las Vegas. The Basin includes Eastern Washington and Oregon, Idaho, most of Nevada, almost all of Utah, North Arizona and New Mexico, a great deal of Colorado and Wyoming. Wow. 
Our first intended camp was to be Arco, but between the 90 degree temps and the wind, we elected to move into the mountains to escape both.
The next contrast looed like the moon. Craters of the Moon National Monument shone black in the sun, a huge layer of lava fields with outcroppings to boot. 
A bit of lunch and off to the mountains, another contrast, the Sawtooth Range (named after a tools' anatomy this time), etched the sky, the snow outstaying it's welcome. 
Once again, the day grew long as we failed to find a campground or cabin. Finally we landed in Stanley, a welcome sight.
Stanley was not much of anything until Mr. Harrah of Harrah's fame (Las Vegas, Reno). He fixed up the town with a dance hall, motel, convenience store and gas station and cabins. He regularly sent his help to this fine retreat.
I would have felt rested and relaxed if the bike's new tendency to shake a bit bothered me. Settting it on the center stand I rotated the tire, and WOW! Lots of wear, down to the cord. Shame on me. I have checked the tire, but haven't spun it. Youch.
So tomorrow, I will ride the bike solo to Boise for a new tire, and while there, get it serviced. QG, the trailer, and as much stuff as I can toss overboard will hang behind. (That didn't sound so good. Sorry, honey.) 
Pray for a safe trip! Not looking forward to a flat on the side of the road and waiting for a wrecker. Oh yes. And it's supposed to snow tomorrow night here. We gotta get out of this place!


Mel Nason said...

Good luck with the re-tirement plan. I'll be praying for you today.

Mel Nason said...

May the road to Boise have more left turns than right. May Kevin's ride be smooth and his new tires be not. -- Amen!