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Week 3

Random thoughts, awards, and numbers:

It must be rewarding to be a farmer, have dirt to the horizon, and in a few weeks it is green. A few months and it's corn so high that if you walked in it you could get lost.
We are three weeks into this thing and a year is a long time. Sometimes it just gets overwhelming. Kansas has been too far, too much, too late to get settled.
Midwest people have deep roots. Betty, mid 70's, third generation, grandfather homesteaded here.
We never think about food. What it takes to get it on the table. Give thanks to God, but remember the farmers and ranchers too.
Scale, once again. In Topeka, grain silos tower to the sky, and must be half mile long. Speaking of that;
Highest structures in Colorado, casinos and offices. Highest in Kansas, grain silos.
I still don't get those sprinklers. most are 1/4 mile long, and they go in an arc. but the fields are square. i saw some where a section turned in for a shorter area. Do they extend again? What controls them? Do the wheels drive them? 
And now...
The Stupid Driver of the Week!
You tailgated me for five miles. Shame on me, I should have pulled over so you could endanger someone else. But you passed me through an intersection. Apparently double yellow lines in KS meam 'pass here.'
37        MPG. Wind
6.096   Gallons of gas I put in the bike today.
6.00    What the manual says it holds. I came really close to screwing that up, and QG would have melted down on the side of the road! Shame on me.
20       Dollars a guy gave me to help me on our trip.
20       Dollars I gave to Ron today  for the Truckhenge tour.
3,300   Miles so far.
127    Dollars a day we spend, average. Skewing that is 
475    Dollars for a new intercom system
80      Dollars for an annual National Park pass
100    Dollars for snow tow.
93      This week's high temp.
40      MPH winds.

Two more blogs today, below. Don't miss them!
Thanks for riding along.

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