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Day 6 Moab to Vernal, Utah 254 miles

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is to try to please everybody"
-Bill Cosby
"Kevin, we blew it. Pull over."
Reluctantly I stopped the bike. We drug out the map and sure enough, we rode 35 miles the wrong way. That's after the first wrong turn, 40 miles back. 75 miles of riding away from our goal.
We have GPS, access to Google Maps, Mapquest, and a paper map. Amazing. Yet here we are, almost in Colorado, turning around.
"So what? Quilter Girl said, "this is absolutely gorgeous."
She nailed it. Tight switchback roads with no guardrails- a bonus, as it doesn't block the view- and massive territorial views. And trees! A big deal for desert rats. What elevation too. 8k + feet, with a side wind. No matter, the vistas reduced the inconveniences to nothing.
However, our goal of making Moab evaporated, and we stopped in Vernal at a KOA campground. With the lower elevation, the temp hovered around 75 with cooling breezes. Very nice! And QG kept me on track. Slow down. If we hammered it to Moab, we would have rolled in around 9 pm. and after seeing numerous deer road kill, we need to be off the road before it gets late.
I love little towns! Here's a restaurant that is everything to everyone. Sorry for the Greeks and Thais.
We lost a bit of time today too, as the brake lights didn't work on the trailer. We took off and hoped the magic fairy would heal them or we ran into a trailer repair shop. Then when I operated the right turn signal, the trailer brakes locked up with every blink of the light. Youch. I decided to roll on and not use the signal (do you see this story getting stupider and stupider?) until we rolled through Heber and stopped at Mountain View Trailer Parts. I got out my meager tools to take the trailer wiring pigtail apart, no luck. Then inspiration! The Leatherman! A Swiss Army knife that does it all. Sure enough, it did the trick, and a wire had gotten loose. Replace it, and a light bulb, and we're on the road again. Hats off to Leatherman. And the guy who so graciously helped me solve it in the parking lot.

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adventure around every bend.....