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Day 21, Benoit to Topeka, KS

Day 22,  230 miles

"It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares who gets the credit."
~Robert Yates (NASCAR racing team owner)

We journeyed to Topeka, the Capitol of Kansas and toured the Capitol building. My, the stairways! The rails are covered with copper plating. Beautiful. Due to construction we couldn't see the dome and it's a shame since it's one of the largest in the country.
On a completely different note, we visited Ron, owner of Truckhenge. Ron is a quirky guy. He likes the lighter side of life, so when the county told him to pick his junk up, that's what he did. 
They failed to see his humor and told him to remove them. He informed them he was farming and this was his "bumper crop."
Ron is an artist- of sorts. He painted the floor of his 8,000 s.f. house, a Quonset hut from WWII, with mobile home frames for floor joists and an elevator made out of a junked forklift. It works great. The county, however wants him to get an occupancy permit, but Ron won't let them inside his house. He's not anti-government. The state has backed him on issues and he has no gripe with the city. But those county boys, oh no.
Once they parked on his land and that made him mad, so he took a loader and dug a trench around their truck.
Ron's a most friendly guy, and gave us a tour of his house and environs, regaling us with tale after tale of his adventures, building things his way. Like the bridge from his back door that sits on a cement truck drum:
Ron paints and does chainsaw art too. And let's not forget Boathenge!
Boathenge came to be because the county wanted Ron to remove all steel from his land, in case of a flood. They said "boats are made of steel, boats float, so steel floats." He responded with art.
Ron has received numerous awards for his unusual art, mixed with recycling. 
That's right. One man's junk is another man's Truckhenge.
If you ever find yourself in Topeka ( and who wouldn't?), be sure to look up Ron. He'll be happy to give you a tour and put a smile on your face. 
And he says that's what it's all about.

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