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50 States Day 6

50 States Day 6 Vernal to Moab, Utah 241 miles
"To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream, but also believe"
Anatole France

We rolled out and headed- in the right direction- to Moab. A quick stop at the post office (still must take care of business) and off we went. Today's trip treated us with stunning views, or boring open spaces of desert. A mountain pass snaked up the grade and gave wide open forest views, unmolested by guardrails.
Rolling into Moab, the place teemed with mountain bikers, road bikers, Jeeps, UTVs, quads and rock crawlers. This place rocks for the active lifestyle! Don't forget the white water rafting either!
Okay, time for the weekly overview:
Electronic crap. First, the iPad. What an amazing disappointment. Between the things it can't do and the things we can't figure out because we don't think like Steve Jobs, it is a real zero. And it's not just me either. Quilter Girl yells at the stupid little thing too.
My phone ran out of data. So I called Verizon, hit '3', then '2', then '3' with no help. I repeatedly tried to get a real person by pushing 'O' to no avail. Now my phone has removed all the apps from itself.
Marilyn at the Salt Lake City KOA. She's the Golden Retreiver of the park. She's friendly, kind and knowledgeable.
Renae at the Vernal KOA. She bent over backwards to accommodate us.
Lisa at the Moab KOA. We got lost and I begged for mercy (no refunds) and, smart girl, she moved our reservations back one day. Great service!
So, a shout out to KOA. They have good people work for them.
The Leatherman Swiss Army Knife. I carry a passel of tools, and the only one I've used is that knife. Super handy.
I'm running out of lane, the orange barrels are creeping in, and this guy simply must pass me. Congratulations, sir. You are one car length ahead for the rest of your life.
1,295. Miles travelled this week. That's a pace of around 60-65k miles for the trip. About what I figured.
37.5. Miles per gallon. Pretty good, I think.
63. MPH, what I set the cruise control. A comfy speed, and probably why the mileage is 37.5
30. Dollars a night for camping. Sometimes as low as $21, other times pushing 40, depending on demand.
We'll check out a local church tomorrow, so if you're interested, check us out. Also, check out the previous blog for the week's photos.

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