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50 States, Day 26 Minden

Minden, NE  0 miles! (1st time)

"A wise man learns from the mistakes he makes; a fool never sees the mistakes he makes."
~Harold Warp

The Pioneer Museum once again pleasantly surprised us. Best kept secret and all. Harold Warp made a jillion dollars in plastic wrap and visqueen during the 40s through the 60s, and his busines continues today, selling Handy- Wrap and such things.
Harold collected myriad things and built a museum to demonstrate to kids the amazing progression of American ingenuity.
First, transportation. He displayed carriages and wagons, then he's collected hundreds of old cars; Pontiacs, Chevys, Ford and Dodges. But he's amassed Nashes, Packards, Edsels, Stanley Steamers, and dozens of other brands. 
Multiple building house row upon row of antique cars, most in chronological order. Amazing.
The guy collected, a lot. Snowmobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and farm equipment line up inside steel buildings. 
He's displayed furniture (again, chronologically), household items such as kitchen appliances, statuary, quilts, sewing machines (Quilter Girl liked this part), art, clothing, and displays of the evolution of living rooms,bedrooms and kitchens. All for an entrance fee of thirteen bucks. 
The problem is Harold passed away in the late nineties. It seems the sons lack his passion, so the museum is getting a bit long in the tooth. The plackards are typewritten pages from the sixties. If I owned the place, I'd sell half the stuff, fund the restoration, and spruce the place up. The cars are really deteriorating, a pity.
But God bless Harold Warp. He's preserved a lot of history. Hope someone keeps the flame lit.
Tomorrow, we get on the bike and ride.

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