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50 States Day 12

Day 12 Black Canyon National Park, 61 miles.

"If you obey all the rules, you'll miss all the fun."
~Katherine Hepburn
Black Canyon National Park in Colorado is the most underrated park! We rode into the park and checked into the visitor center. A section of the park shows how much steeper the sides are than the Grand Canyon. And the river flows through the bottom with a volume of water up to 12,000 feet per second, and a speed of 500 feet per second. To the unintiated, that means a whole lot of water, moving really fast!
For you bikers, the park roads wind and meander along the mesa with peeks at the canyon below. Near the entrance is a super tight, switchbacking road that descends like a high rise elevator (descending) to the river. The only downside to that road is it's condition, which I believe they leave rough to keep a million sport bikes from running it constantly. Pity.
I hiked the High End trail and stumbled (almost) upon a three foot long snake! Clever me, I took a picture of it. Later I managed to delete all the days' photos. D'oh! I would love to blame the iPad, as I attempted to transfer them to it, but alas, it was all me. Later I told the Ranger about the snake (no photo) and she informed me it was a bull snake. No poisonous snakes here. However, they did post a sign for what to do when encountering a mountain lion. If you find a mountain lion in your path, you should;
1.) Run like the wind.
2.) Grab a branch and wield it like a samurai.
3.) Sing 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' until he drifts off.
4.) Make yourself big and intimidating.
Answer time;
1.) You are lion meat. And way too slow.
2.) This will help. Be brave, be bold.
3.) Perhaps if you sing it badly enough, your opponent will leave. Sing it out!
4.) Yup. 2 and 4. It's on! Time for a lion fight.
Tonight we went out to dinner to a local place, 'Camp Robbers.' Excellent! I had the Steak Pasta (good black pepper taste), and Quilter Girl enjoyed Thai Chicken Peanut Wrap. Great food, our server was excellent- in fact I asked QG if we could bring her with us, but she said we had no room. I don't think she wanted her to come along, myself.
Tomorrow we 'head out on the highway,' bound for Denver and parts thereof.


James Kelly said...

Beautiful Pictures, Only if you could upload a bigger size so we can appreciate them better thank you.


................................ Kevin Parsons said...

I'm thrilled that I can even get phots on the blog with this confounded iPad! I need a Tito.