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Twitter... At Last

Yes, I finally violated my conscience and signed up for Twitter. It always seemed like a stupid little communication device: “@ store buyn wtrmelon.” Who cares? Yet, it can be an effective way to reach out to people, quickly and painlessly.
Actually, it makes sense on the ’50 States’ trip. Awesome view? Tweet it. Great restaurant? Oh, yeah. Terrible one? Probably so. Somebody know a road to take? Cool. One to avoid? Weather issues?
So my Twitter is States50. Clever, right? Now I’ve tried to get the bird on my blog, to no avail. Still learning.
However, it is on my phone. Although I tried to Tweet a photo to no avail. The learning curve is steep!
If you’d like to follow me,or would like me to follow you(doesn’t anyone lead, or do we just all follow?), tweet @ States50 or Kevin B Parsons, I guess!

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