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50 States- Sick and Gray!

“Hello Kevin, it’s Percy. Your bike is ready.”
Nooooo! The bike is finished and Quilter Girl and I are both sick! She got the Creeping Crud and was nice enough to share it with me. That’s what love is all about. The nice thing about the flu is you can give it away and still keep it.
So, no big dramatic unveiling of the bike. I know, I promised last Friday, and time ticks on. Hopefully tomorrow we can get it. Today, walking up the stairs seems daunting.
I’ll give you a clue to what we did to the bike. It’s a wrap. You know, like advertising on the side of a bus, van or casino. Yes I’ve seen Donnie Osmond, five stories high. And the wrap is inspired by a photo in the blog, two posts ago.
Before coming down with the aches and pains, I stopped by the Apple store for help figuring out how to post pictures on my blog with my iPad. Currently my notebook can’t do it. I met a cancer victim (well, he was bald as a light bulb and white as a sheet!) named Trog or something. He helped me find an App for $2.99 that did the trick! Together (okay, he did it) we produced the previous lame post with a photo of Quilter girl and the latest, cutest little grandson. Young Trip clicked and made magic, and voila! We can post photos. I thanked Troof profusely and headed home.
This morning being sick I figured I might as well take my time and figure out this blog thingy. I tried. I really tried. I watched the training video four times. No idea. I’ll have to go back to the Apple store and have another young creature breeze through it again, and hopefully it will stick this time. There is nothing like an Apple employee to make me feel old.
Think I'll go play Angry Birds on my iPad.
See? I'm not so old!

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