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50 States- The Big Move

The TVs are gone, the computers disconnected from the Internet, and the bemoth quilting machine is taken apart and resting in storage. And Quilter Girl? She's sitting on a yard chair in the former eating area, sewing with a needle and thread. I imagine if she were on 'Survivor,' she would sew with ivy vines and a chunk of bark. She claims it realxes her. I'll take a dirt bike. Can't imagine making one out of bark and ivy though. God bless the movers! We left the tough stuff for them. Particulalrly the quilter machine. Because it is so long and cumbersome, one must carry it over the railing and then another must receive it with hands extended, from the stairway. They managed to move it without damging anything, includung themselves. Hard to get excited about the trip when a housefull of cleaning projects stare me in the face. Between the preparation and the party, it's hard to see past Sunday. Yet, 3 more days and the adventure begins! Blogger created a new format, and I thought it might download photos. Not. So you may or may no tsee pictures. If you do see them, I am a genius. Otherwise, well, I'm only normal.

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