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The bike and Trailer- Together at Last

What a saga, from buying the ’10 Gold Wing in early November in Ames Iowa, struggling through snowstorms to get it to Las Vegas, then getting it set up for the trip. But (drumroll please), the bike and trailer are ready! Well, almost, except for one big surprise.
Towing the trailer provided a wonderful twist. It follows the bike straight as a string. On the old bike, it wiggled back and forth a bit at higher speeds. Not this one. And silly me, I thought it was the brand new trailer, not the fourteen year old bike. D’oh!
Now that it’s functional, the Little Woman and I are going on a shakedown road trip, to Arizona, Southern California, and who knows where else. When we return, we’ll work on th surprise. You’ll have to wait and see what it is, but it is really cool.
Tomorrow’s blog: The Gerbing’s heated suits; the good and not so good parts. Imagine plugging your jacket, gloves and pants into the bike and adjusting a thermostat. How cool is that? Not at all, it’s warm.
The really weird photos are taken with the I-Pad, featuring normal, Kaleidoscope, x ray and thermal settings.

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