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60 Days

When the time to launch changed from months to days, suddenly it feels like it's upon us, and we aren't prepared yet. There are numerous things to do:
Get the bike wired for the trailer (in the shop now)
Find a company to wrap the bike and trailer. Yep, if the budget allows, we’ll wrap them up and they will be more eye catching than they already are!
Get a decent, upgraded notebook. (Purchased an Apple I-Pad, and while it works awesome, it won’t charge. Back to the store.)
Get a hotspot, phone or something that does both. It must take great photos too! Leaning toward a I-Phone.
Get heated suits. Saw an ad in the current American Motorcyclist Magazine this month, but need to get on it!
Find a cool little heater for the tent trailer. Well… not cool, hot.
Find affordable, mobile health care. Okay, mobile.
Arrange a party planner/ caterer for the big event April 29th!
So what’s stopping us from doing all this wonderful stuff? First, we’re rehabbing the last house, and it is labor intensive. The Little Woman is working for Tim and getting bills/ payments arranged for out of towners.
Our cabin suffered a major water disaster that will require a lot of time to manage the repairs before the trip commences. Not what we need to be doing! Funny how you can’t schedule disasters.
Well, stop whining and get to it, Kevin!
How about you? You have important things on the back burner? Get to it. Go on. Shoo.

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