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Training- The Weaknesses

This training run (pretty weak training run, since it doesn't include the motorcycle!) is teaching me new tricks and weaknesses for the coming trip.
The Weaknesses:
Photos. Last week the Little Woman and I flew to Seattle and met over a dozen old friends and relatives. I took NO pictures of them. Amazing. I always think people don't want their photo taken, so I don't ask. Why don't I ask and if they don't they can say no? Be brave!
I also need to capture more of God's great creation, even though it's been grey, rainy and drizzly. There's beauty there; just need to shoot it.
Slowing down. I'm driving Dad to Hake Havasu from Seattle and today, he jacked his leg. How? Riding in the car too long. Stop and enjoy the view once in awhile!
Starting up conversations is a weakness of mine, also. Yet, asking questions gets people engaged, and they love to talk. Need to practice that.
New Tricks:
Zelda. That's the name of my GPS on the phone. Like the psychic, Zelda knows all! Want to find a Super 8 Motel? I program it in and in ten minutes we're filling out the paperwork. Zelda is amazing. I need to work on my IT skills like Twitter (shudder) Facebook, and the Blog. Like for instance, I didn't blog this trip. Bad Kevin. Okay, enough of that. We'll take those shots, use Zelda like a rental car, and engage people in conversation!

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