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Safety Schmafety!

No one else has the guts to say it, so I will. Enough safety already! Let's start with children's car seats. Currently we stick the kid in a five point harness like a NASCAR driver, then stick them in the back seat facing the glorious view of the seat back. That's stimulating their little infant minds. What happened to bonding with Mom? Oh,the front airbag could kill them. Simple solution. Grab a sharp kitchen knife. (Why aren't they outlawed yet?) Stab your dashboard. Park the kid in front. Now she can enjoy some visual stimulus and won't grow up to be a serial killer.
Speaking of airbags, how many do we need? Eleven? If you get hit by a train, you are going to die. If the impact doesn't get you, you'll suffocate under the airbags.
The other day, I heard a report on the radio that traffic fatalities have dropped. The woman, a head honcho of the NTSB, said it was good, but wouldn't rest until there were 'no fatalities.' What an idiot! If a person is driving along and a tree falls on the car, the lights go out. Actually, that happened in Connecticut lately.
Back to the train. We build a safe enough car to withstand the impact of a locomotive, so the train gets wrecked and somebody dies.
Being a motorcycle enthusiast, I'm a big believer in helmets. But not in helmet laws. If a person wants to be an idiot and splatter his head on the pavement, I say give him his due! The world will be a smarter place, for sure.
So go outside, stand up, yell, "I'm not going to take it any more!" and run with those scissors!
CORRECTION: a few blogs back I stated the price of the Gold Wing to be $11,500. In reality, the price was $17,500, worth a trip to Iowa. For $11,500, I would have been willing to pick it up in Argentina!

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