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On Baldness

Okay, when is the bald thing going to end? At the expense of sounding racist, it looks great on black men, but white guys? Most of them look like cancer victims. Think Bruce Willis. Grow it out for crying out loud!
It's true. It can't help James Carville's political career. People look at him and think, "That guy reminds me of Uncle Fester. Or a light bulb."
Back in the day, men handled baldness with a combover, a stylish and clever way to hide it. Unless it grew windy, then no one could walk through their hair on the downwind side. Nowadays, they hide their dilemma by shaving everything. What good is it if you look like the eraser on a pencil?
Another option is to spend jillions of dollars fighting it. My brother does the Rogaine/Avacore/ transplant deal, and it works great. Just sell your house, live in a tent, and have hair.
Think Jason Statham. He's balding, yet he has SOME hair. He looks great. He shaves that stuff, and people will think he got stuck in a bowling ball polisher.
God made hair to... well, to be hair. I say grow it! Even though I'm going (okay, went) bald, I've decided to buck the tide and grow mine. I'm not cutting it until after completing the '50 states' trip.
So there!
Men, let's stand against the onslaught of people shaving their heads. We'll stand side by side, our beautiful hair adorning our wonderful heads. We're bald and proud of it. Oh. The hat? I wear it as a fashion statement. Nothing to do with the receding hairline. Really.


Anonymous said...

Right, Kevin, right!!

................................ Kevin Parsons said...

Bald guys unite! Grow your hair and show the baldness! Be brave, be bold, be bald!