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Iowa to Vegas Day 3

This morning greeted us with frost on the bike. Must be 25 or 30 degrees. We bundled up good and waited for the day to warm up. Right! Scraping ice off the seat, I fired up the grip and seat heaters in hopes of getting a warmer start. Not much chance with the wind chill.
Yet today surprised us. We anticipated the Great Divide (10,000 plus feet) would make this our coldest day. But Denver to Aspen somehow felt balmier. a tanker truck crashed and exploded and burned up a UPS truck, so the highway ground to a halt. We got off and split a foot long at Subway (they are everywhere!) An aside: business is interesting. Two trucks crash and burn and fifteen miles away, the gas station, convenience store and Subway are having a rocking day, because people pull over and have lunch. Weird.
The late afternoon cooled again and we stopped before sunset and plummeting temps.
The waitress at dinner spoke to patrons across the aisle from us. She used the word 'snow.' The Little Woman and I perked up our ears. Snow? Later she returned and informed us all that the white stuff was predicted for the North. Whew. We hope.
The bike performs most excellent. It handles well, and starts and stops better than our old one. We manged 40 MPG on one tank, but most have been around 38. The grey is a nice color, with some red pin-striping too. But this trip, the heated grips and seats shine.
A thousand miles behind us, and five hundred to go. We should be home easily tomorrow, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise. Or it doesn't snow!

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