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50 States- The 10 Commandments

No matter what you do, you must have rules. Shoot, even the two losers on 'Easy Rider' learned about rules. Even though they smoked dope, drank, sexed and rode across the country, (how did they afford it?) they followed rules. At least they should have. Like the rule, 'Avoid Rednecks That Want to Kill You.' If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend you don't. It's crap. However, at age 17, it infused me with the bug to travel the country by motorcycle. Back to the rules. The Little woman and I can up with these Ten Commandments for the trip:
1.) Thou shalt not ride on Sunday.
We can ride around, pick up groceries, get to a church and so on, but not move the trip forward. While riding sounds like fun fun fun, it can be a grind and a day to stand down is important.
2.) Thou shalt find a church on Sunday. We'll check out the Christian churches across the country, and give you a full report.
3.) Thou shalt visit every state capitol. A bit of geography and history never hurt anyone. At least that's what the Little Woman believes. I'm not so sure.
4.) Thou shalt find the road less traveled. We'll avoid big highways and freeways like the plague, using only if necessary.
5.) Thou shalt not exceed 65 miles per hour. Ouch. We're supposed to enjoy the journey and enjoy the scenery. I found a loophole, however. I can go 65 in a 30 zone, right? Right? Okay maybe not.
6.) Thou shalt cease riding by mid-afternoon. Again, the purpose isn't to jam and grind to the next spot on the horizon. Stop early to blog, write, Facebook, Linkdin,YouTube, and please dear God, never ever Tweet. We'll need time to set up camp, cook, perform maintenance on the bike, and we'll need to leave time to fight and argue. Kidding! We don't need to schedule fighting and arguing.
7.) Thou shalt blog daily.
8.) Thou shalt visit friends and family. Need your help on this one.
9.) Thou shalt camp. Except when it's raining, snowing, blowing, cold or hot. Or if we don't want to. Maybe we'll just leave the trailer behind. Naw. We'll camp a lot.
10.) Thou shalt stop and enjoy the journey. That means viewpoints, hysterical markers, roadside stands, and any shiny thing that attracts our attention. Not every one, but plenty of them.
That's about it. These give us parameters to hopefully have a successful journey.
Next week: The price; How much Does It Cost?

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