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Nicaragua Day 8

What a schizophrenic day. We spent a huge block of time with the kids, but saying goodbye was pain in a deep way. While Bob organized it so we moved steadily toward the door, the stabbing ache and hurt built all the way out, and the drive home was eerily quiet, broken only a few times with a comment or two, and sniffles in the background. Why does love also carry with it such pain?
We toured the la Roca church in the morning, Pastor DeFlacio answering all our questions and showing us around. Around as in touring some of the barrios in Jinoteppe (which means 'mountain of corn') and the church's eighteen acre farm. They grow coffee, beans and peppers and sell them at a discount to the members. Pastor F. shared his vision for a dormitory for guests (like us) and expansion plans for the church. Currently their congregation numbers 2,500, and is growing. Very cool. The barrios looked pretty sad. It's amazing seeing the poverty, then we spot a grey rusty shack with a satellite dish on it. Crazy.
What do you give someone when you are dirt poor? The kids and staff gave us the most wonderful gifts today. First they entertained us with a few songs and dances that just made us proud and happy to be with those kids.
Secondly, a meal. When someone as poor as Hogar de Gloria orphanage serves the gringos a meal, is is truly a sacrifice of love.
On a personal level, I accomplished a decades old goal that I never ever imagined I would. Every time I watch the credits after a movie (Yes, often I do), I see the person's name that is the 'dolly grip.' Today I got to help Trevor and Dan on the video crew, and I was the dolly grip! Who would have known? I suppose you would now think that I would explain what a dolly grip is at this point, wouldn't you?
The crew shot portraits of each kid too. Unbelievable their artistic genius. "Let's shoot her in front of the zebra striped truck," and "Have him stand in front of the rusty chain link fence." Beautiful stuff.
So we waved goodbye to the kids, and will return to home and A/C, hot water, and ridiculous access to great food. But the kids don't return anywhere. They are home, and back to regular living. Hopefully the memories continue to make them smile.
Tomorrow is fun and unwind day, a big and long one.
One more day, one more adventure.

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