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Nicaragua Day 3

Thunderstorms don’t delicately tiptoe into the night, tap us on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me.” They slam the door open with the first volley, a ‘boom’ that announces their arrival. Rude, they continue and build, unconcerned of our sleep deprivation. The rains pound the foliage and roof, a steady assault of water. Flashes light up the sky as each barrage of sound attempts to outdo the other. The storm continues as the next volley shakes the building. Finally the assaults become less frequent and the rains diminish to a drumbeat. The storm abates as it moderates until the unwilling participants are left wondering if it is still raining or is it the oscillating fan, struggling to keep the heat and mosquitoes at bay.
Today we traveled to Hogar de Gloria, a school and orphanage. First let me say I’m not a farmer. But thank God for them! The business team visited the farm, and fortunately Bruce is an agricultural genius. However, I know a little bit about third world countries. So when Bruce spoke of tractors and equipment, I slowed him down a bit. While a tractor is fun, how do you get it there? Who takes care of it? And what do you do when it breaks a hydraulic hose? That, and sixty percent unemployment with people willing to work for three dollars a day, and the answer is buy more hoes! Yet Bruce was brimming with other ideas to increase crop production. Stupid me, I thought you planted seeds, waited, and harvested them. There’s more to it to do a good job.
It seems to me, a non farmer, that they could increase yields by about threefold by employing better farming practices.
We returned to Hogar de Gloria and tested the soil. The Ph is good, the potash is low. Whatever that means. Actually the information will help to adjust the soil for better crop yields. Now we just need to learn how to execute it.
This trip is a study to determine how Canyon Ridge Christian Church can partner and assist Orphan Network, who operates this and numerous schools, feeding programs and orphanages.

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