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The Safety/Sanity Tension

“Have a safe day.”
I’m going to get in trouble on this. I’m not saying, “Have a dangerous day.”
But, seriously.
A car with seven airbags?
Flashing signs to warn us of stop signs, company safety policies that shoot for ‘0 accidents’ and labels that warn of the most ridiculous things. You’ve read them. ‘Do not eat.’ ‘Do not operate in shower.’ And ad nauseum.
“Have a safe day.”
What do you do? Stay in the house? Every time you leave the house you take a risk. But… the home is dangerous, too.
We have a smoke alarm that is super sensitive. Cook a hamburger, and the shrieking sound erupts through the entire house. The safety bonus? A voice that says, “Fire! Fire!”
Thanks. I would have never figured it out.
My friend Lars has a theory of devolution. A percentage of people are stupid. We keep them safe. They breed. We have stupider people. We enact safer rules. Stupider people live, and breed. Soon, there is a population of idiots living in a world, chest deep in bubble wrap and Styrofoam pellets, being rescued from themselves by a dozen very tired people.
“Have a safe day.”
Can’t we take a few risks?
I’ll start. I’m going to drive without my seatbelt, from now on.
Okay, maybe not.
Just don’t tell me to have a safe day.
Have a great day.

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