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Let's Hear It For...Toilets!

That's right, where would we be without toilets? In the back yard, inside an outhouse, that's where. These modern marvels have changed our lives. Imagine how much healthier we are than...2,800 B.C. where the more advanced houses bore lavatories built into the outerwalls of houses, with a chute that dropped waste into the street. Ewww.
Pakistan and India developed water flushing toilets, and so did the Scottish, around 3100 to 2500 BC. And don't forget the Romans, who elevated their latrines to dump them into open sewers.
Although a precursor to our modern flush toilet was designed by John Harington around 1596, it wasn't until the late nineteenth century that it developed into widespread use.
Okay I'm old, but the Little Woman's parents and mine both grew up using the cute little building with the crescent moon. If you think about it, that means the modern flush toilet is only a recent blink in history.
If you think about it, the modern flush toilet must be an excellent tool, as it hasn't changed much in the last forty years or so.
So stand up and salute. No! No. Sit down.
Thank you.

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Amy said...

As the designated bathroom cleaner-upper, I can tell you that toilet design makes no sense in terms of cleaning. We have a great low-flush toilet but the base is made up of curves and crannies all of which have to be cleaned. Why not a smooth, slanted to the floor base without all the dust/dirt catcher spaces??