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Vegas to Yuma

"I'm going to have a neck like a football player," the Little Woman muttered into the intercom.
She spoke the truth. A gust of wind would slam us form the right side, pushing over our helmeted heads. After a few hours of this, our necks got stiff. Between the weight of the helmet and the wind, we were doing neck isometrics.
When we crossed the Hoover Dam bypass bridge, the sign flashed, 'High wind danger. High loads not recommended.' Passing a large van, I slowed, thinking the truck would break the wind for me. Duh! I sped up. No use being flattened by a truck!
Stopping at a viewpoint, we met Richard and Debbie. Thye both ride and camp. Richard rides a Gold Wing and Debbie rides a Honda semi-sport bike. They put on the miles! Debbie just traded her BMW for the Honda after 100,000 miles on the Beemer. Richard's GW has over 90k miles on it. Remember the Beach Boys' song, 'I Get Around'? Well these two really do!
We saw Quartzite for the first time. Wow. In January, the RV world convoys it to the little town for the annual Swap Meet. Thousands gather to barter, buy and trade. It's a big deal. But in April, Quartzite is a checkerboard of empty RV campgrounds.
We arrived in Yuma around six P.M. to spend the weekend with Sherri's aunt Carol and uncle Arden. Finally! They have wintered here for around fifteen years, and this is our first foray here.
They continually apologized for the weather. After the winds came clouds, then rain. At least the bike is parked, and the weather is supposed to clear before Sunday. That would be nice as one of us forgot the raingear.
Tonight we went tot a 'Nine and Dine' party at their development. People golf nine holes and party afterwards. What a surprise, as Bob and Lois celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, much to everyone's surprise. They didn't want people fussing over them and giving them gifts. What an honor to witness Bob, an ex Canadian Mounted Policeman, 6 foot five or so, shaved head, and a very intimidating guy, get all choked up presenting a ring and trying to tell Lois what she means to him. Lois read his card, and it brought most of us to tears. The women, anyway. The men were reacting to onions or something.
Congratulations, Bob and Lois. I really only just met you, but you both inspire me.
One more day, one more adventure.

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