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RAGE Triathlon

"Are you okay?" The voice above me sounded worried. I grabbed my sunglasses and scrambled to my feet. Brushed the dust off my knee. Blood oozed out, a flap of skin loose. Rotated my left arm. Dear God, please don't let it be broken. A broken shoulder from falling during a run? Yes. This shoulder has a history.
It seemed okay. Hopefully just road- or dirt path- rash. The run portion consisted of a dirt road, with plenty of rocks. But rather than turn an ankle, I hooked my right foot behind my left, auguring in to those same rocks and dirt. Hmm. I Learned to run at two years of age, and I'm still working on it.
Leave it to me to be perhaps the only "casualty" of the triathlon. I ran on.
The RAGE triathlon exceeded my expectations on every level, save the brief stop for a soil sample. My buddy Roger and I decided to enter it a few months back, just to check something off our bucket list. But the race had a plethora of pleasant surprises.
The thing is incredibly well organized. Sign up online. Even I can fill in the blanks and get registered. At a thousand entrants, the event is closed. How do you track one thousand racers, in multiple discliplines (Sprint, Olympic, Team, etc), and numerous race groups?
Very well, thank you. Each runner wears a transponder that records their times at each checkpoint, and volunteers viually check racers too.
Hats off to the RAGE traithlon for running a smooth show.
And what do you know? The results are posted online already. MRAN (Motorcycle Racing Association of Nevada) could learn a lot from them.
More on Thursday.

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