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New Book Coming Out

Very exciting! My new book is coming out soon. Check it out at This is an antholgy of 26 writers (one of which is me) who share insights into pursuing the passions in your life. Are you doing what you want? Would you like your life to be an adventure? Suppose you have a dream, but lacked the courage to act on it. What is it that really makes you feel alive? What's holding you back? Here's a tool to help you find that missing avenue in your life.
The authors represent a 'who's who' of talent. Contributors include:
Ridgely Goldsboro, author of 'The Great Ones'
Dallas Humble, author of Make It Happen
Jeffrey Civillico, opening act for Nathan Burton at the Flamingo main showroom. Darren LaCroix, 2003 World Champion of Speaking
Charlyn Shelton, social media trainer
Bill Lynch, entrepreneur and speaker
Justina Rudez, diamond level performer with USANA
Jan Mills, recipient of first surgery of its type ever performed
Sandy Kastel, Songwriter, Performer
Laura Peters, Former Marilyn Monroe performer in Legends in Concert
Chery Smith, The Marketing Mizer Advisor
Ginette Bedsauls, spiritual coach
And Kevin Parsons, entrepreneur, champion desert racer, author, speaker and adventurer.
My friend and inspiration, Judi Moreo, put this book together. She's an author and world renowned international speaker. It is a priviledge to be partnered with Judi in this adventure.

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