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San Diego Day Two

“Check where the power supply is located”, the Little Woman said. We just go the trailer set up and were ready for some camping.
I searched.
No power. No water.
A dry site!
For fifty bucks!
Welcome to California. Lots of high prices. 32 ounce soda? $1.39. Gallon of gas? $3.69. Mexican dinner for two? Forty bucks.
But the ocean, the lush vegetation, the beauty, is simply astounding. Our campsite is atop a cliff, at the edge of the Pacific. The waves will lull us to sleep tonight.
Last night I got the Gold Wing started, after a six hour ordeal. Never mind the details. The Little Woman and I blew out of Vegas at 7:50 P.M. Drove through the night to Victorville, getting colder by the minute. For those of you from the Midwest, the term ‘cold’ means, ‘really really warm. Like forty one degrees.’ But for us desert rats, it felt pretty dang cold. A quick night’s sleep at Victorville, and off we go.
More California stuff.
A cop pulls me over.
“Sir what were you doing in lane two?”
Lane two? Huh?
“That’s the second lane from the left.”
Skip the details. Four lanes, you ride in the far right lane. Because of the trailer. Fifty five miles an hour. You can move over one lane to pass, but not exceeding fifty. He could have written me for three points. Speeding, and driving in lane two. Four points and you lose your license in California.
There I go again, living a life of crime.
Fortunately, observing I was ignorant and from Nevada, he just warned me and let me go. I’ll just leave two days sooner to ride in California. Okay, watch the attitude. I get much better mileage, and can enjoy the view.
And what a view.

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