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Haircut. No kidding!

The experiment is over. I really don't know exactly what it was...and it was my hair on my head! A few people asked what the long hair was all about. I'd reply, "It's the 'letting myself go' look."
It got pretty long. And then it got tiresome. And the comments? Here's a look at the better ones:
You look like:
George Carlin
Bozo the clown
Larry from the 3 Stooges
Doc Brown from Back to the Future

No one said Albert Einstein.
The capper was my senior pastor. You know, the 'people are important' guy? He called me...(drumroll please.)
Our token homeless guy! Nice!
Today I went to see Joanne, who was highly recommended. I told her what I wanted. She warned me she liked short hair on men. We agreed on a look.
She cut off a LOT of hair!
I got my money's worth, that's for sure.
I told the little Woman that we'll save 75% on shampoo and hair gel.
She is happy.
Happy wife, happy life.
The beard stayed.
Stay tuned this weekend; road trip. San Diego.

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