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Seattle to Lake Havasu Day Three

Sometimes the coolest things just happen. 'Pull over. That looks intriguing.' And sure enough, the logging museum was a treat. It was different than the typical museum, as all the equipment was outside. The gear harkened back to the days when men were men- or crazy, depending on your outlook. Steam engines, wooden wheels with steel tires and huge pieces of iron to move giant trees to the mills littered the landscape. It was a testament to the American spirit. Dad and I commented on how each piece showed how it was designed to answer the question, 'How can I make this better?' Very cool!
We took a side trip to Crater Lake, and surprise, as we drove to higher elevations, the snow deepened until there must have been two feet at the lake.The road was plowed and bone dry, but snow blocked access to the overlooks of the lake. Then (drumroll please), Kevin got REALLY STUPID. 'It isn't very far to the overlook. perhaps if I help Dad, he can walk through the snow to it.' What was I thinking? Dad does really good for being 90, but he is afraid of falling, and unsteady on his feet. Add compacted, icy snow with melting water on top, and you have a recipe for disaster. At around thirty feet, I realized my folly, an we shakily turned back and headed to dry ground. Unbelieveable. What was I thinking?
Three times today we had opportunities to drive to the Lava Caves. The first time pointed us east, but we drove three miles to a T in the road. Left, or right? No sign. We went right. No signs. We drove back to the highway. Five miles later, another sign for the Lava Caves. We followed the road to a Y. No sign again. Forget it. Apparently these peole don't want us to find them! Back to the highway, and ten miles later we see another sign announcing the Lava Caves. We don't even slow down.
Four hundred fifty miles today, and we arrive at brother Bill's house for the evening. A great time to see family and get caught up a bit.
One more day, one more adventure.

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