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Havasu Weekend Day 3

"See that?" I pointed, "that's cotton." Yep. they grow cotton in Arizona. Alfalfa, too. Supposedly they get six cuttings a year. I guess that's good.
The little trailer worked great, the campground was awesome, seeing Dad was a super treat, and the weather...well, it is November.
The nights were warm enough- even though I forgot the sleeping bag. The days grew consistently cooler, and the trip home was cold and blustery. Okay, flat out windy. We need better cold weather gear. Of course, along the 'sleeping bag' lines, I do have a snow suit safely hanging in a closet at home. As for wind, thankfully the wind blows the bike more than the trailer. I would hate to have the tail wagging the dog.
Okay, some rants, raves, mutterings and musings.
The rants:
Apparently good restaurant service includes providing another 2 gallon soda when you have only finished a quart or so of the original. And American portions are absurd.
Where does the gas tax go, if they don't keep the roads in some kind of repair?
The raves:
The Crazy Horse Campground. Excellent! Sites along the shore, or up on a bluff overlooking the lake. Beautiful. Nice pool, laundry, restrooms. Jet ski/boat rentals. And friendly folk.
Arizona beauty. A friend of Dad's once said, "Washington state may be pretty. You just can't tell with all the trees in the way." Kidding! Some say the desert is a beauty the viewer must develop. I don't know, but the gnarly rock mountains, sage, mesquite, and a lake (thanks to good old American ingenuity)make for a lovely landscape.
I gotta get new chain hooks for the trailer. They keep falling off. If that's my biggest struggle, there is no struggle.
Man, people have a lot of stuff. Huge motorhomes tow motorcycles, golf carts, boats, UTVs, cigarette boats (you know they can burn 200+ gallons of fuel a day?)dirt bikes, and bicycles. It is incredible.
People sit inside their RV and watch TV for hours. Why not stay home?
Some people sit around at their RVs all day, too. I just don't get that. I'd rather be a WalMart greeter. The Little Woman scolds me and says maybe their health prevents them from being active, so why no be inactive in an RV in Arizona? Okay, I 'm a jerk. Recovering jerk.
I think I should have sold aluminum in Arizona. It is everywhere. RVs, trailers, carports, deck and patio covers, it's like the desert is littered with giant white pop cans.
That's it! One more day, one more adventure.

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