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EVS Neck Brace Test

Welcome to the EVS Neckbrace review. I've worn this neckbrace for around a year. It took some adjustment, as it limits range- particularly when looking back, or looking down. However, it greatly reduces risk of spinal injury and parlysis. Detractors claim it increases risk of collarbone injury, but the manufacturers state, "Which would you prefer, a broken clavicle or a wheel chair?" Okay, point taken! While riding it really doesn't interfere much. Putting it on and removing it is a real pain in the neck (pun intended). However, I think wearing a helmet would feel the same way, had I not worn one in the first place.
Once I adjusted to the neck brace, I wear it all the time. It beats the alternative, should I take a soil sample, if you know what I mean.

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