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Grand Junction CO to HOME! 3,813 miles Total

While the Great Plains are exactly that, they convey feelings of occupation, as people tend the farms. Utah and Nevada exude feelings of solitude with vast open landscapes to every horizon, with no sign of human input. There are no signs of animals either, but they are sparse and better at hiding. Rainclouds formed a labrynth in the sky, an occasional shower dousing the area briefly. The sun made headway, and by noon reached almost full exposure.
Home becons today, so stopping is once again a struggle.
However, I stopped at a viewpoint to enjoy the vista briefly. Reluctantly, I approached the bike to saddle up and I saw it.
The Look.
You know The Look.
Guys do it when no one is watching. Men hide their feelings behind bravado, humor, or deflection. But this guy thought no one was looking.
His soul shone through his eyes.
He had just stepped out of his car, a nondescript sedan, and saw the bike.
And for a split second, had The Look.
I wish I could do that. He didn't have time to put his guard up, and he thought he wasn't noticed. If he'd seen me see him, it would have evaporated in a millisecond.
Just do it, man! Don't you watch Nike commercials?
At last, as 3:30 pm, I rolled into the driveway.
The adventure was fun, no doubt about that.
But it's sure great to be home.
Tomorrow, stay tuned for wrap up. Rants, raves, musings and mutterings. And the Trip Awards.
See you at the show. Wear your best outfit.
One more day, one more adventure.

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