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Mmm mmm mmm- delicious!

Okay, time for a rave. Enough crying and whining about idiotic, insignificant issues like national debt that our grandchildren will be unable to pay. Let's hear it for;
MacDonald's Dollar Menu, Hot Fudge Sundae!
Yes, folks, life is worth living agian. Step away from the ledge. Walk up to the counter and demand- no, ask politely- for a hot fudge sundae. One little, itsy bitsy teenie weenie dollar. If you make ten dollars an hour, you only have to work six minutes to afford this gem. And it gives you ten minutes, at least, of gastronomical delight.
The pimply-faced kid will have your trophy on the counter in a matter of minutes. Let me digress; MacDonald's has made their billions on the backs of pimply-faced teenagers. How incredible is that? Okay, back to the present.
With tax, a buck eight. Unless you're in California. Then it's probably three dollars, with a warning that it can cause cancer in labaroatory animals. No worries, it tastes great. What a wonderful way to die!
Pick up the treasure. Note the presence of warm and cold on the surface. The meeting of hot fudge and ice cream. Beautiful.
Hurry and pick a spot to sit before the temperatures merge into mediocrity. Get as far away from the beeping appliances as possible. (That's how they do it with pimply-faced teenagers- beeping appliances that nag unceasingly!)
Now remove the plastic cap and discard it uncaringly. See the swirls of brown and white? Plunge your little spoon into the side,all the way to the bottom. Hot fudge will stick to the spoon and descend to the depths. Remove the spoon. Insert. Ahhh. Cold and warm. Lick it off gently, so you don't take all the hot fudge off. Save it for later. Plunge again. Repeat. Now that the top is below the edge, add the chopped peanuts. And you thought it couldn't get any better!
Stir the nuts into the mix lightly. Take another bite. Yum yum. Lick the back of the spoon this time, all of it. Send the spoon on another dive, and return to the promised land. Enjoy. Stir. Plunge. Taste. Close you eyes. Say, 'ahhh.'
Getting low now, spin the spoon around the inside edge, scraping up the smallest little dabs. Still, a wee bit of hot fudge. It is cool now. The ice cream is warmer. But my oh my, what a culinary delight. And not too much, either. Go to Cold Stone and they dump a wheelbarrow of sugar and cream packed with fat and calories, until your heart almost stops. No way. Not McFudge Sundae. Just enough to satisfy, and small enough to assuage the guilt.
For a buck. What can you get these days for a buck?
God bless MacDonald's.

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