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Monthly rave- cole slaw!

This month’s rave is… (drum roll, please. And not a ridiculous, 30 second one they use in ‘Dancing With the Stars or American Idol, trying to build tension. Just a reasonable one) KFC! Yes, see the confetti fall and the pretty girl with the trophy! Thunderous applause. And not just KFC, but their awesome cole slaw. The cole slaw at KFC is the finest in the land.
People in the south love their southern food. And while visiting there, folks have told me that the cole slaw I’m about to consume is better than any I’ve tasted. I take a bite and chew carefully, swallow, nod and smile. “Good.”
Yeah. But a far cry, distant second place to the Colonel’s slaw. Sorry, southern hospitality.
A little history; Colonel Sanders developed his secret recipe for fried chicken, and spent most of his adult life peddling it, with dismal results. It wasn’t until he was in his mid 60’s that the thing launched. And what a take off it was! While the Colonel died a wealthy man, he spent most of his life in poverty.
More history; they changed the name from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC because they are wimps. They were afraid the ‘fried’ term would turn people away. In their defense, they now have grilled chicken, and it is delicious.
Even more history; Mom and Dad took me to KFC when I was fourteen, every Sunday. That was in 1967, a long time ago. Many, many dead chickens ago.
But let’s rave! The cole slaw is, and always has been, superb. How delicious? As a kid, I hated cabbage. The worst day of the year was St. Patrick’s Day, as my Dad is 100% Irish, so we had corned beef and cabbage. Ugh! When Mom boiled it, the house reeked of cabbage. Why must we suffer so, just for St. Patrick’s Day tradition? And back in those days, you ate everything that was on your plate and thought of the starving kids in China. However, tasting the cole slaw at KFC was a treat to my taste buds. And I had no idea that cole slaw was made of cabbage.
But the Colonel nailed it. It is sweet, creamy, and crisp, a dancing chorus line on your tongue. After forty three years, it is still a twinkling sparkle from the wand of the taste bud fairies. Nothing, nobody, no restaurant, no southern cook, no how beats KFC cole slaw. Hats off to them. Their marketing people should push the slaw. People would remember and stop in more, I’ll bet.
Think you got something better? I doubt it.
Note; this blog has received no compensation or monetary reimbursement for the material offered; it is merely the musings of one person. The cabbage industry as well, has not recompensed the blogger for any services rendered either. The author is not responsible if you taste KFC Cole slaw and determine that it isn’t the best in the world. Good luck with that.

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