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Brian Head

Want to ski, snowboard, mountain bike (cross country or downhill), hike, or play Frisbee golf? Brian Head delivers. How did the town ever get named, 'Brian Head' anyway? Hmm.
I originally bought a cabin up there ('up' is the operative word, as it is 9,500'+ elevation)for the winter sports; snowmobiling, skiing, perhaps a little snowshoeing. However, it has proven ot be a great escape in the summer months. When the temps hit 100 plus in Las Vegas, it never gets over 80, and drops to 40 at night. Certainly a nice break from the blast furnace.
A cabin is like a boat(BOAT= Break Out Another Thousand). It always needs attention. Yet, it is home, as in home-away-from-home. Many times the projects somehow are fun. Last weekend Johnathan and I rebuilt the deck railing. I cut a slug of firewood. The great stress reliever is that all your problems are in one place; just cut the wood, split it, and stack it. No other distractions. Plus the physical benefit of being outdoors and exercising.
But the wood? Man, it was a big Spruce tree that fell. It was large, but no big deal. Yeah, right! Alsmost every section had to be split with a sledge and wedge. The wood was tough, and had numerous knots and branches. I hope it burns well.
The quiet doesn't hurt either. A light breeze whispers through the trees, and a few birds call. Aaah. The stress just melts away.
Last weekend was Independence Day weekend, so the bird calls were lost in a cavcaphony of quads, pickups, and fireworks, but no matter. For a short time, everyone is gathering to have a great time with family and friends. The fireworks show at night was a surprise; way nicer and bigger than expected! Good job, Brian Head. The Vegan (as in Las Vegas people, not vegetarians) population about froze to death, the night temps being sixty or more degrees less than Vegas day temps. Brrr! But the bonfire, the live band, the comraderie, and the amazing display above made for a great evening.
Now is a great time to buy a cabin up there. Prices are cheap, and foreclosures abound. Just if someone had some extra money.

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