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Let's Hear it for Bob!

This month’s Rave is for (drumroll, please) Bob Hawkins of Fairview Chevrolet! (Thunderous applause.) Yes, Bob Hawkins works at Fairview, checking in cars. He looks like he’s probably retired from something else, and got a job there. Here’s what’s cool about Bob; he is working at his passion. He loves cars. As he checked me in, I noticed a vintage Chevy on his wall calendar. When I inquired about it, he replied that he owned it when he was younger. Now he owns another, a ’69 Chevelle, I believe. Then he told me about his son’s project car that they were just finishing. All that is well and good, but what came from his passion? Excellent service. Bob checked me in on the computer, then did a walk around with me at the car. He asked questions about it and if there was anything else the car needed. He started it and checked the gauges and listened to it run. Then he handed me his card and told me he’d contact me regarding the service.
Bob did, too. The car is a 2003 Corvette Z-06, and the traction control, ABS, and active handling went out. Obviously, a computer glitch. Once Mr. Goodwrench diagnosed it, Bob called me with the bad news; it was a lot of money. Gulping, I okayed the repair, and denied another (the CD changer in the trunk. Just replace it. $1,500. Forget that!).
Friday afternoon, Bob e-mailed me (he’s in his 60’s and does e-mail.) that the car was done. I replied I’d pick it up Monday.
Bob greeted me Monday (having had employees, even showing up on Monday is a good thing.) and told me the car was ready. He was a little concerned it wouldn’t be so clean, as they had washed it on Friday. Not to worry, it was far better than when I left it. Off I went a happy customer. Except the price. Not Bob’s fault.
The dealership e-mailed later to ensure I was pleased with the repairs. I sent them a glowing report about Bob, and whined about the amount.
Now I know that Bob did a lot of things that were SOP; rules that were handed down from on high. Yet he did them with grace and class, and his passion for cars was evident.
So thank you Bob, you are the Rave of the Month recipient. You get-um-well, you get…our appreciation.
Standing ovation! Huge applause. You go, Bob!

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